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As the hot weather this summer, both at home and abroad I have dressed in a silk shorts, it is also felt to take
Khan. Mother at home, wear very casual. A semi-short sleeveless dress, set off plump sexy mother
Figure, especially in light blue silk cloth. White mother makes the skin more smooth and delicate.

Father year round to go abroad, my wife and my mother went to work overtime at home, my mother looked very bored, I was
Playing computer, my mother suddenly came to me and said: “You have one do you want?”

I looked up and said: “I am all right Yeah this day.”

Mother smiled at me, said: “I move along all right, you ride back to your grandmother sent me home okay?”

I said: “No problem.”

I launched my bike a small motorcycle, with my mother back to her family more than 20 minutes to go, the mother is
Happy to look at me, said: “You go in it? You’d followed me back?”

I smile: “I will pick you up or a bar.”

In the evening, I’ll pick my mother back to her home, a mother came out from the door my sister fifteen years do not
Also know when to come, my sister called and asked loudly: “Brother, your car can bring two people it?”

I embarrassed, said: “Take two people enough to choke you?”

Mother looked at the car, said: “Well, I went over there waiting for the bus got.”

Impatient sister said: “You walk ten minutes to get to the station that it was not any taxi, we
Squeeze squeeze on good? ”

Mother smile, said: “how such a small car crowd?”

Sister-in-law’s shoulder a beat: “You sit back, I sat her husband legs.”

Side head sister asked me: “Brother, that okay?”

I happy: “line Yeah, I’m not afraid of what unsafe.”

A shot of excitement sister said to me: “So, Mom, on the train.”

Mother standing next to some hesitation, sister-in-law directed at some impatience, said: “You hurry up it!”

I will finish the legs to sit next to a mother in Latin, said: “You sit back, I take your husband legs
On. ”

Sister smile: “I sat around which will do.”

Having sat sideways behind me, my mother a little some tweaking but still barely sit on my legs.

Three Wang Jushang sit, I opened the little motorcycle was unhappy, and mother to sit on me, I am blocked
Line of sight, I called my mother a little more body side, a mother sat sideways as if some instability, desperation Oh’s
Music twice, sister behind to see a smile, said: “Mom, give me your hand.”

Sister-in-law look back puzzled, but still held out his left hand, pulled a sister-in-law left
Arm on my shoulder, like a mother grabbed me sideways like, behind sister smiled and said: “This is not quite
Okay, not any more time, would be a good mother you insist on it? ”

Some mother-face slightly red, but still did.

Mother not the nerve to sit back too much, enough with the arm stretched back some of my neck, arm raised arm-in-law
Quite dense clumps of armpit hair, armpit opening mother dress to wear big, plump little winds which fatty
White breast looming.

Some of my seat the child is low, it is natural that some upturned legs. Old mother sitting in front of the next slide, a somewhat
Decline in the fullness of the buttocks on the forward mother rub. After the mother’s dress has been put to float, two fat mother
Smooth warm thighs clamped my legs, my heart suddenly have a strange feeling well. Especially the mother’s
Before and after the shift in the old legs rub my penis look there was a reaction, but fortunately I have stiff legs can grip the
The penis.

But my mother moved back and forth, rub my soft thin silk trouser shorts big bend in the thigh root volume, testosterone
Pill seems to have felt a small breeze blowing. My mother’s eyes looking at the armpit of the armpit, but also to see the clothes and body
Gap among the breast, to see some of exhilaration.

Suddenly a bumpy road, twisting my legs a penis did not look fierce in a bomb tied up, or from the apparent
Shorts and thigh in the gap out. Is I do not know what to do, mother’s body but also to the back of Britain, riding
In the top of my penis, stuck in the mother of two deep thigh fat pussy slip.

Mother’s body disturbing twist about, but very clever way to catch up with a washboard, so do not be put into the mother
Stiffness of the penis was my mother’s genitals constant friction in the bumpy process of mother also gave me a shy
The eye.

Mother’s seem thin shorts, plus half a day on my penis head early excitement many mucus secretion, mucus rub
In the mother’s shorts, plus mother’s thin and soft shorts, another ten seconds of grinding paste, clear my penis
Clarity of the card attached to a warm feel concave joints.

Car is still Britain, mother’s arm resting on my shoulder and hugged me in some, mother’s arm away from my nose
Very close to the unique atmosphere of a mature woman threw herself into the nose. Head of the penis and rub the whole mucus secreted in the mother of many
Genitals of the concave crevices. Mother’s legs clearly felt that this change it, subconsciously clamping, my penis
Surrounded by the warmth under the car in Britain, also mother of my penis genital friction.

Mother’s shorts is really thin, slightly Qin was my mucus a tightly attached to their skin, my
Penis was wrapped tighter, the mother of some shortness of breath up, my head back and my face also turn his face
Has been put together.

Mother hug arms around my neck was in hard, I feel more and more slippery shorts mother, mother
Ass as if in a slight twist in the shade with their seam grinding my penis head.

Britain is another car, look at my penis head wrapped in mother’s shorts on a warm pestle into the hole, I sense
To my penis into the mother’s body, the mother’s mouth open look, whoops loudly, on the Yang-chin, double
Head Weibi nose Xi Zhang.

Sister behind, I do not know what happened, and asked: “Mom how it?”

Then my mother language which is also on the care, I side head of the sister said: “Nothing.”

Penis head across the mother’s shorts more pestle deeper, more rapid breathing mother, I felt a burst of crisp penis head
Ma an hot sticky sperm shot out, mother’s body tense up, the penis head in the mother’s body
Beating a ten, the mother is comfortable long breath.

Slightly blushing mother blaming looked at me, told me to stop, I thought the angry mother is disturbed
Disturbed academics behind the sister asked: “Mom, why do you go?”

Mother never looked back, said: “I’m easy to look, you blind What?”

I put the shorts tidy waiting-in-law, mother soon returned to the car, my mother in my bare legs, a move
Hairy legs suddenly felt my thighs rub in, clumps of hair in the middle of some meat head, slippery, mother of the original
To give the shorts off, click on the shaft of my penis up.

Mother left hand around my right hand toward the body, hold my penis run in two concave grinding joints, the fullness of
Ass sank, my penis did not look at the roots do,.

I was driving a car, specifically looking at the open to the uneven, mother plump body on me constantly shake, swing, towering,
Twisting, grinding, my penis was mother that warm, tight, slippery Roudong sucking, I hand a hand toward the mountain
Female genitals, mother’s light touch with the index finger clitoris.

Some spasm mother’s genitals, down my mother’s sexual secretion flowing down thick penis, penis, I get
Roots and pubic hair are wet, sticky and slippery. Mother biting lips lower body hard provocative. Meng’s mother vaginal wall
While tight, as if my penis is to grip thin, hard abrasive mother’s womb the first head of my penis, I
Unit heat only felt a spray head of my penis, my pleasure again and again … …

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