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I remember in 2001 when the company came just graduated, the school’s childlike yet the net back, she said I was
When it first came to the company’s soil, ha ha. We call her the time being it Jing (I will not put her real easy
Say the name), first came when the company did not say a few words, then I do not understand anything, when she was
My master, when she was 24 years old! Three years older than me. She is not very high, shorter than I am standing next to me a
Head and chest is like a general, then I guess that there is no 32A, then she told me! Be
32B, had to wear very tight, do not see. But to see the real behind it believe (that comes later).

At that time she has a boyfriend, just understanding. Her as my teacher, I basically like every day
Her, with her rear learn this or that, she often wore low-cut clothes that little bit, but not very
The kind of low, sometimes when I stood next to her eyes will not help the look on her sight, and sometimes she
Time will always come back to see me blush all standing next to her, she seems to have realized that something,
But she did not say anything it wants. Her clothes a lot, basically every day for a set, and very sexy,
But honestly, her body is not considered particularly good kind. Then we slowly on the familiar, and two
People spoke very speculative and are usually like to create a ruckus. Inside the office, too, but no one was next on the
Is the. After all, in the company, affecting the poor. So, after 2 years, we can talk about anything into a
“Good friend”, she often mentioned in front of me I can not say why a few years ago appeared in front of her, or she
Will be with me together. Then I will laugh. Then do not know how to talk, and talk to her and
Her boyfriend thing, every time she said she needs a boyfriend when she would call her and ask her to help him
Masturbation, if you want a relationship, when she did not agree, she has said she was a virgin, but my contact with her
How she always felt like.

Basically what she told me that, including her boyfriend with her all, I always vague
Feel there is anything to happen. Later that day really happened … … Our company held its annual celebration, she drank a good
Much alcohol, I was beside her, she told me that she always liked me, but she knew not with me, etc.
So, said a lot of words. At the reception I found her getting a little panicked and immediately called the first of a female colleague
Her home, but she got up and started for lying over me, then spit me one of my female colleagues screaming
The jump, and I a mess. No way! I holds her up out of a taxi stopped outside, ready to send
Her home after she got down on me, I hugged her, whole body shivering. Do not know why.
Downstairs to her house when she woke up a little bit, she said she can not go home like this, or her father that she
Wine, then certainly scolded her, halo! No way, but only on the taxi out from her home, she said to go about wine
Right to open a store room, wash their clothes look. At that time I did not say anything to help her arrange the room to the hotel.
She spit out of the elevator, and he is a one, escaped from the clothes to the pants.

Entered the room I put her on the bed, he went to the bathroom to take off the coat, is face time
She rushed in, I was really surprised, she says she wants her first wash.

I can not run, so I went to wash her after washing. I did not run out of fight out of watching TV, she into the
To the back door is not closed, 20 minutes later she came out, you can not see her underwear, surrounded the body of the bath
Towel, and then go wash up for me.

I went in just Tuo finished clothes, I heard her knock on the door, she said the watch in the bathroom, and asked me to help her take.

Halo! She just opened a door to squeeze slits, after coming straight at me lower body, like I said, watching her slowly
Slowly untied the towel, my little brother to also lose control of the upturned.

I have not reflected over her naked rushed over to the edge of my force against the sink.

A clutch at the top of my little brother, said: “You are not also want ah? Otherwise brother how it
Excited ah? ”

Then I did not think, grabbed her head to her mouth close, touched her mouth to feel
To her soft tongue out into the inside of my mouth.

And my tongue stir together. Also kept his hands on me and my brother on the walk. Suddenly her body to the
Next squatting, with my brother in her mouth, I did not think how she would be like this, but the action also
Very skilled, this time I am to be outdone, bent down and grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples which just hit
When her body shaking a bit, but still did not stop the mouth of my brother and out.

Several times I could feel the glans across her throat, and sometimes she would a little pause, a slow
Under the gas, and then continue … the reason may be too tight or how, I soon felt the forehead
A hot, feeling about to come, and quickly pulled her head, she seems to know I’m going to come, even against over
Come and latch onto my brother … … … … Poof so a thick semen shot into her mouth, so she
His mouth until my brother has stopped beating, he turned things inside the mouth, spit it out.

Took over to help me wash the tap below, she hugged me from behind, close to my breasts back, his hands light
Light kneading my little brother.

Sitting on their hands and then she turned to the stage said, “Now for you help me,” knew what she meant, through
To latch onto her nipple, the other a hand to touch her lower body to go find her following is an indoor lake!

When I put the finger on her clitoris gently twist on the move, she could not sit still the whole person, body of a
Straight twist! Then she grabbed my head to the following press! I know why she wanted to, I mean her down, I
Mouth attached to her genitals, tongue on her clitoris back and forth with Tim! At this time I heard her moan
Slowly become larger, but also embarrassed to shout shout out, but the hotel should be pretty good soundproofing, door
Have been shut!

Coupled with the bathroom doors shut. She moans sound more and more, I can feel her in my grasp
The hands of more hard shoulder, my shoulder began to feel a bit raw so that her lower body has not quite been the

I grabbed her knees forced the ass! Let her fiddle. Affinity for 5 minutes or so, she grabbed my right
On hand to push her genitals, I stopped and asked, “is not put your fingers into them,” “hate, know
Have to ask people, “I respond if she is a virgin then, then it is not …

But her case should not, I will go slowly with her finger in the hole slowly into them,
Went in I found that my judgments are right, because it went very smoothly, and she also asked me to put two inside.

Her clitoris his mouth, mouth, index finger and middle finger inside her vagina gently out into the rotation. Not a moment
Her thighs clamped on the force of my head, my ears raw so packed, I know she was coming, I do not
Tube my ears, and increased efforts to turn more and more fast fingers.

“Ah … … M … …” “Do not stop … … … … I am coming on fast …” along with the students called her, she
Force of a hand grasping my shoulders, leaning back against the dresser to the glass. Lasted about 7 seconds
Minutes or so.

Put my mouth open, and that is not comfortable at this time licking. This time I’ll let go, stood
Up, she has not breathed God, when I separated her legs, lifted her ass, the drum was made already
Purple cock arrived in her hole, “Poof … … squeak …” may be just the reason a lot of water flow, once
On the insert, she did not expect so soon I will insert all of a sudden did not react, holding her fart
Shares up on tic, may be not just the climax of her calm down, and I did not twitch a few times she was again
, But the novel is not to say those people what sex fluid injection to something, just feel her vagina
Spasm, may inadvertently tucked my little brother, very comfortable, her vagina is very narrow, it may be secondary sex
The number of small bar.

I felt her come, when I picked up speed, the impact force of her genitals, her cry also with
The “ah … ah … ah … …” into a “Well … Well … Well … …” until I began to feel a little tired, can
The reason can be too hard, I slow down slowly she slowly calmed down, I do not stop moving
Time, kissing her mouth and neck, she hugged me. Has been breathing with the mouth, I get hot air exhaled
Ears itch.

Perhaps the reason just shoot once, I do not feel special, so hold for a while,
She said: “I went to bed and hold you?” I did not say anything, because she is not heavy, it is easy to hold the starting
, And her legs set in my waist, I carried her to the bedroom when her brother constantly pumping below
Moving, she also followed hum … hum … hum … … the sound. One to bed I put her down on the following, with the male
On the female position, her legs bent active tilt on my shoulders, I grabbed her, but not great
Small firm breasts, every time insert slowly, then quickly pull out of the glans at the coronal
Blowing her vaginal wall, insert each time she “Well …” soon, she did not think so at this time is the

With the usual, she is simply not the same person. So while Choucha the side clutching her breasts, her two-
Hand spread out on my arm, I can clearly feel her efforts to grasp my hand, feeling more and more tight. I
Knew she wanted to come, slowly accelerated rate, more and more of her shortness of breath, clutching her breasts pumping force
Moving, she was grasping my arm tighter and tighter, “ah … I go again … … hurry …” she heard
In this way, I would be more excited, I felt all the effort resorted to, the impact force of her genitals, see
Her vagina was I out of touch with the cream of the discharge, the water found in her a lot, (but not as
What users say Wangwai take many down stream along the thigh) sticky me and her pubic hair, sticky.
Each impact is accompanied by “popping snapped … … … …” sound, accompanied by her increasing moans, she
Again, this time I gradually felt I Come … I suddenly realized what I am renowned for … …
About the same time, I would pull out, holding her tightly, feeling her body in my arms from
Excitement to subside.

Hold for almost 5 minutes, she slowly quieted down. Asked me one: “Why so quick to just
Stopped, people are not comfortable enough? “” I do not know that you are not the rhythm, but I did not bring
Condoms ah? In case of fire inside is not very dangerous? ”

“Ah …” she cried smiled, hugged me said something attached to my ear: “Fool, that I
Just finished the day before yesterday, all right pull “” Oh, I know. “I slowly sat up, looked at carefully
She lay in bed the way, she could see me looking at her, or how, on turning his head open, pull the sheets
Cover up.

I turned and lay on her side, just think back to something I did not think I talked to took place off the master
The Department. But female colleagues together for so long. I kept thinking, her hands began to restless, and
Cross out into my little brother under the firm holding my say, “let us please? I want to, you shoot at this time
Come on, all right. ”

She finished the climb up, squatting above my little brother, little brother holding the aim of her vagina
Sitting down, watching my little brother swallowed by her vagina. She felt a lot of water.

Step onto her sitting on my hands lying on my chest, gently pinching my nipples, buttocks before and after
Shaking, pubic hair two people confused by her sticky secretions, also issued from time to time the sound.

She moved a few did not say die, in the above too tired, or come for you. I got up and took her in
Arms, move to the side edge of the bed, holding her twitched up and down, not a few began her moan.

Could feel her vagina contracting. Know that she is about to come. But I did not feel a thing, it may
Is just a plus prior year have been out drinking at the meeting, the feeling has not been very strong.

I stopped and told her that we change posture right. Her ex is heard from me up. Turned to lie
At the bedside, buttocks sprang up, and I rely on the past, the penis against her hole inserted into it, holding her fart
Shares before and after the twitch, bending down from time to time rubbing her small breasts.

The sound of her moans slowly growing, “ah … … M … … M … … Hurry up, hurry …” to know
Said she wanted to come, this time I come I feel about accelerated and soon feel an period
To be warm in the long-rolling, looking forward to another outbreak of … “ah …” I do not consciously made
A voice, “Hurry up, hurry, hurry us up … …” She also shouted “ah …” I
Sound slowly stretched, and looked at the sheets of her both hands, she has been caught up into a ball of sheets, I
Broke out.

“Ah ..” volcano finally erupted out, feeling as if being depressed for several years
Squeeze out a sudden rush of semen. An an spray into her cave.

This feeling lasted about 15 seconds or so to slowly calm down. I lie on her, listening to
Her heart beat fast. My brother not to take advantage of the soft down when inside her vagina slowly moving a few times,
Then pull out, pull out to see a mixture of white liquid to flow from her lower body out, I ran
Took bathroom tissue, wiped her to help her … it is about later.

That day we did not sleep in the hotel which, more than four in the morning to go check out the. When we came out
Like not happened.

She stopped a taxi to the door. I will go back.

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