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Hey, hey, hey, how do you then drill I was in bed, the little dead girl, shit does not account for ground nest back ground, go back to
To go. “My side of the head with a towel while scoff.

“That’s right not to go on here Lai, oh, the hole will afford you both warm hug together, I’m the one sleeping
Special cold, no, Comin say I slept with both of you together, people have come over calendar false, get dirty, you do not
Bed. Hee hee … … … … ”

Linda’s mouth has been getting, as long as a lie to importune, she is my sister, her sister Spring
Ling told her they never bound, quite a headache to me. However, there is the same as the benefits of her hot body that is often
Thing that catches my eye, Shidonglayue days have snow outside, her home is always a flesh-colored clothes fit,
In addition to the origins of false, she never wore underwear, let alone a bra department.

Of course, my family is not cold, room temperature is always 22 degrees, is the body remains charming wife Chunling
A Qiuyi Qiuku it, I also see that she was sincere to recruit me, Do not look at her, but early this year only 18 years old
Not yellow big girl, do not go to school all day outside Fengpao, the results people get a big belly. Or
I went to the hospital trustees to help it to do abortions, then beat her to my place to live, and wife’s mother to discipline
She entrusted to her sister. Once the girl had a pregnancy is equivalent to open arms, open arms of the girl are no longer almost anything.

I do not know who said these words, quite makes sense.

“Dead girl, why do rub me, you do not have long with a pair of children Yeah, go to go rub myself, my
But your husband, and rub bad he does not hammer you strange. ”

Lying in bed complaining of Chun-ling lips up and down random hand is groping arms around her sister, fairy both lie down on the open
The beginning of funny, quasi-innocent people will think what they are gay. I want to lie down is another matter, Chunling
Special sticky!

“Who told you bigger than me, they rub … ….” Then her face paste into the arms of her sister, suddenly cited
Indulgence from the Chunling burst of laughter. Sister, sister’s milk to eat Yeah I know nothing new here, stay with me
The play when she had to bite my nipple suck it, or why I say she is a real crazy girl ah.

“You hurry over it, but look at her bare ass. Hammer her! Oh … … I also bite, dead girl,
I can not stand up to die, strange itch, fuck whom you learn, do, and then toss me I can call you brother
Rule you now? “Yelling a bit contrived, but the meaning is in the call, straight talk, she did not smell of urine made
Time limit.

Mature wife remains charming, beautiful young sister, although fish and can not have both, but the heart of everyone glimpse of color
Have, to say I do not want her strange one it was. The most gratifying is that his wife has been basically agreed on the
Did not say which day is the standard, evidently Comin Me.

Then his wife deliberately opened a quilt, fairy suddenly two naked body to show up at a glance, a small
Sister, aunt son and a leg splayed legs to withstand the vagina with one hand pinching a nipple, one nipple was included in her mouth
Where is the sucking of relish, almost bare for their own knowledge and not feel out of the vagina turning a blind eye, but also
Sincere kick a kick up the ass, the middle of naked legs bulging labia hypertrophy full of children, vaginal
Showing a little faint.

Her genitals I have seen more than once, she and her sister have the habit of sleeping naked,
One Bedroom residence is not, she could only sleep on the sofa in the living room. She has been described with Chunguangwaixie not accurate enough,
Each night I get up and go easy position to see almost all large font, the extent of her vagina like a familiar
Know every inch of skin, like his wife. Her vulva hypertrophy is slightly more than the Chun-ling, in particular, to glue a small negative
Zihei glossy lips, the clitoris trim tilt of the majority of candidates. Constant flow sexual secretion children with her sister, a virtue, so
The mouth of her vagina often stuffed a roll of toilet paper.

“Yeah sister, sleeping at noon when the two of you and as a bar, say nothing I do not see a sincere recognition, you sleep
Like with the dead cat also kick ass, her husband, more than half of that stuff inserted in your vagina, you two can really line, sleep
Do not feel honest. No wonder he was a Luo sleep you beautiful Pidianpidian it turned out some Wanya to
I am happy that I. That no one can do with my child, you do not hurt me, or my sister does, you will not be able to
He took me with a back ah? Tell you if you went out again so crazy I can, anyway idle is idle, then
To get a big belly what should you spend money up.

Hee hee … … … Please, sister, do not let my old one uncomfortable okay ah? I hear you hum heart
Especially in the noisy uncomfortable, how to say, oh, I do not know in time for the donkey foot pain. I am also a woman also
Need a normal sex life, saying it made you, ah, brother to listen to you, you do not speaker he was not, I sincerely
How many strokes his back he did not dare, not directed at you ah. Besides we are not any people at home know that there are even
What terrible, to say you do not have a drawer is not so much a waste of contraceptives it? Okay ah … … … ….

Words from her mouth sounds like a child in the back lines so smooth and natural, she is simply not an actor
With training, but the words would be too explicit for me and no one else looked down on, or deliberately not let me listen to
Is not a fairy good discussion in his two two-man, I have no time to fine polish and get rid of his wife kneeling on a towel on the side.

My wife on the chest with a pair of white fat big breasts, not talk to my sister like that is often
The two did not rub in the hand in your mouth and suck enough to eat forever, that nipple like a mare like Pearl grapes, all suck stretch
Can become twice as long, excellent scalability. The sister of the nipple is short and thick type, nature can not compare with her,
However, the color of pacifier fairy two completely different, my wife’s nipple is pink, sister of the nipple is chocolate
Force-color children, her breasts had matured yet remains charming and full, while some charming look.

“Why ah brother, to tell me rushing to nurse you? The door and no children!”

Xipixiaolian sister oblivious to their own naked satisfactory end, said something that deviates from the legs after riding in the race
Her sister, who clasped his hands and breasts, that means I do not eat, can be confused ass off in my eyes. Old
The next woman that bare pussy, her pussy in the last, matched Pei then, into the head are straight chaos Philippines see my heart jumped,
Scarves in a moral one cock Teng Leng up faster than the erection of the two of us every hole sex.

Here is the so-called silence speaks, dry her! My mind an idea of ??this!

Yexia my wife a scarf caught after a hard wooden club help children with meat, big cock, happy joint Zuidou
Not on, and: “My dear, ha ha, look at it but not the first time you will not see her bare buttocks, hard look at it
The, tsk, tsk, is special to you as children? ”

“Nonsense, do not want it to get up that way?” Then sister spit nipple turned face, lips, poor children a
Little head with my big cock paste, almost blink of an eye, I saw her support from the body down an ass, rearing
Take the pressure of a call out her sister, hand to twist naturally loosened her in retaliation, knowing sister want to
Children of this trick, my sister’s hand just left her a big cock action at once stretched forth at lightning lightning
Hand grasped my big cock, followed by mouth to penis into the mouth, moves so fast that simply can not describe.

Suck dick, I think a woman will like and be happy, and cock their head inserted into pussy in the entrance as a
Samples can cause, call issue with great enthusiasm and excitement, my wife and sexual intercourse before 69 has become a type of oral sex
Essential procedures, we both have common feelings hole in each other’s genitals than one entry will be a variety of
Delicacies. But she was only 18 years old sister, according to common sense even if her life is full of sexual desire, even with
Bieren had sexual intercourse should also be carried out covertly, as if the cock should not be so blatant in the mouth with
Sucking with gusto, even in biting, chewing something special chew that even cover at all. Mature woman is another matter,
Because they are already familiar with, she makes me feel the accident.

Today’s girls mature faster, not to the degree of common sense.

“Well, get, get, this is just great, I also do not need to say anything, ha ha, look at this dead girl greedy
What has become satisfactory end, and wonder what she just said, do not let her taking it every, let her not taking it every sprinkle the mouth. Parent
Love, what are you waiting ah, ah … … … … on! ”

“I Cao! You two have long had a good discussion Yeah, why not earlier words soon …”

His wife made it equivalent to the emperor’s command, this decree I have waited a long time. Hastened to reach out to pick up
A sister tight ass, she really listen to the mercy of the body immediately deviates from the legs sideways over the pages, put the hum grumble
Well, perfect posture.

Hairy woman’s desire for sex almost all the particularly strong, thick pubic hair seems to become a like
Levy. His wife’s pubic hair on the Trinidad and Tobago, I have nothing to do, a few days before her hair all shaved, in order to look at a head of
However, sucking licking mouth is not easy to tie.

Sister is also a lot of pubic hair, Mimizaza to diffuse from the triangle has been around the anus, lips, Wei Jin Yin
I seem to revisit lips to his wife was not feeling before shaving, but the sister of interest than a strong body, the tongue
To probe into the vagina mouth, she immediately excited twist up. Her tongue while also accelerating the speed of rotation, which Ah
I do not know whom they first learn oral sex techniques actually so skilled, wave up and not the whole side is a little shy Wives
Who can be with some one to her sister, the fairy is likely both points and weak points, is difficult to distinguish from top to bottom.

Sucking of, suck the Ling suddenly rushed back hippie smile I said: “hey, brother, do not you know?

I guess you do not know. Hee hee … …, but I will never forget that day, that day I received
Touch the boys, oh, no, a man most happy, most happy, most enjoyable, most yangkeng day. Send your sister
Drunk even when you come back if not to say, hurry back to the mother where she has anything to do, wash your
After the hurry to go, ha ha, I am taking it every day can make you, how you do not wake up push lightly,
I, I here you climb you have not hard up this big cock in your mouth and eating the first play, was not a
Moment of the hard work it’s a help, you know since that time from my naive dreams of their own will come to a
Kexin’s boyfriend at best a long way with your big cock.

I am never too cold mixed, men’s long cock long for woman, woman needs a man you have to insert the cock
Into service for the woman. In fact, the surface of a woman like men accounted for a much cheaper like, in fact, was not it,
First you have to pay at least the physical and valuable semen, or are we actually take advantage of the woman, and I
And I especially like people Cao, the first time beginning almost did not feel the orgasm on the bin, then
And play a few times, just a little taste of a taste of something went wrong.

Still later is the net to see you both sexual intercourse, and I think all the boys do not like you, every time the
Sister Cao’s special beauty, particularly comfortable, especially after I saw envious, thinking of you like old sister like Cao Cao
I return. Has always been another story, Cao word not that into meat? Enter into it comfortably. Anyway, time
You can not wake up, I’ll ride on you, ha ha, just now, as I cock the vagina close to the stalk of
There learned the gentile sister ass twist back and forth, Wow! Heart almost jumped out, cunt in particular, full, or large
Insert the cock happy, but also wind, a little pain. Probably because the first time, and I tried to inserted
A child would hurt most of all right, I was called a happy, because you did not Cao into me, I confused you to Cao
, Ha ha … … … … Cao has been a more than an hour. Then let your vagina to make it, all this big cock
Together can not, then I will be happy. ”

To pull its weight, she is actually talking about the words to say to such a great article, I was stunned to hear one side of the
Her sister is convulsed with laughter.

I have not done it she put her mysteriously to me did, and spent more than an hour of playing I do not
Know that sounds could not believe, or even incredible.

Listen to her an explanation, before suddenly found the answer to many questions. I have seen her sleeping
Fingers in the vagina to pull hard to get the scene, as well as children with a thin neck, long-necked bottle of toilet water right to sleep when the penis masturbation
Forgot to pull out of the gentile, was a virgin on the blurred how this would be so bold and not painlessly

; A bath when I had seen her insert the nozzle of the action; slender thumb Of course not as good as my head after all

Thick cock, it nozzles is specially prepared for her sister to wash the vagina, but also speculation that her sister is willing to say nothing
Be also taught her to use, do not want to become her supplies. To know that I was quite aware of her observations and far
I know the wise man must be a loss, she must be a fool one thousand won wisdom.

She was already not a virgin, and I also silly Pakistan and pained her care, she really his mother’s redundant! Would like
Here I said nothing, turning her down on the following.

“Hey, my dear, children too hard, ah.” Cautioned his wife softly.

“Children too hard, oh! Strange! You little dead girl would dare to steal rape me, see me Comin either your
Small children Cao tender cunt turned to. ”

“Well no, good brother, good brother, I give you as mistress, ah … … I feel bad, you should not get
Hurt me, ah … ”

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